1. Paul's Boutique Dungeon
The start of the Horseslayers.

It started in Kesseldown Rapids, in the (mostly guild controlled) northern Thessan duchy of Kesseler. Many novice yet proven and skilled, mind you up-coming, adventurers arrive in the Kesseldowns area to prepare for a career in the major league dungeon casinos of the capital city. Kesseldowns is unique in that it has two such opportunities for adventurers to get ‘rated’ for the majors.

The more interesting and far more dangerous and lucrative option being Paul’s Boutique Dungeon and Hotels. A gorgeous double inn build over an old fortress dungeon from the second age, long kept up and utilized over the centuries. Paul is a scoundrel rouge rabbien gnellec and once a relative celebrity adventurer himself against the great illian abyss dungeons from 50 years previous. He has operated/owned the Hotel since he purchased and had it constructed over a decade some thirty years ago. Popular with the guild and adventure related business for decades due to his flair, intrest in potent and dangerous monsters such as dragons and his obsession with quality traps and puzzles.

Long believed but not proven to be corrupt


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